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Our Mission is to mobilize 5,000 prayer warriors
to pray for the salvation of the Wolof people.


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Current Requests

Prayer Requests for May 1999

  1. Please pray for the salvation of these Wolof families (2 Peter 3:9):
    1. Ibrahima and family
    2. Amaat and family
    3. Amsata and family
    4. Mustapha and family
    5. Babacar and family
    6. Mansour and family.
    7. Sire (See-Ray)
  2. Pray for the spiritual maturity of the following Wolof (Colossians 1:9):
  3. a. Astou
    b. Yacine
    c. Babacar

  4. Please pray for the salvation of people living in the villages of Diagle (Jah-glay) and Xande (han-day).
  1. Ask our Father to mobilize laborers to reach the Wolof living in New York City and elsewhere in the U.S. (Matthew 9:38
  2. Ask the Father to call out more "near culture" workers to live among the Wolof and share the Good News.
  3. Ask God to allow us to help Him in establishing 5 Wolof churches by December 31, 2000
  4. Ask God to supply His workers with 100 hand-cranked cassette players to be used in Wolof villages. (Romans 10:17)
  5. Pray for God to open the hearts of the Wolof who are living in the areas in which the E-Team is planning to work in the coming months

For security reasons, the names listed on this website may or may not be
the real names of the people for whom you are praying.

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Warrior Update - May

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Dear Prayer Warriors,

The Lord has been working among the Wolof over the past few months. I believe that God is preparing to bless them with the work of His Spirit in the days ahead.

During the month of February, a friend from London came to Senegal and shared the Good News with many of my friends in Dakar and surrounding areas. We related that God's unchanging message can be seen in the story of Abraham and his son. We see in the story that God placed a test before Abraham which was intended to bless him and also everyone who has the same kind of faith as Abraham. The event was intended to communicate the salvation message of God. Had God only intended to test Abraham, then as soon as He saw that Abraham was willing to sacrifice his son, God would have sent him home. However, we see that after God had prevented Abraham from slaying his son, He sent a ram to replace Abraham's son. It is in this ram that we see the eternal message of God. What was the message? That taking the life of an animal is an acceptable exchange in the eyes of God for the life of a sinful man? Let's think! Which one of us would accept a sheep in exchange for one of our children? God doesn't see a sheep as equal in value to a human life either. No! The message is that one day, on that same mountain, God would provide the ultimate sacrifice. We see that God was true to His word. He did provide that final and complete sacrifice in Jesus (Issa). John the Baptist said it best when he saw Jesus coming toward the Jordan River one day. John shouted: "Look! God's Lamb which takes away the sins of the world." Jesus is called God's Mercy in the Quran, and indeed he is God's Mercy. God's Lamb gave himself to be killed in our place, that we might receive the benefits of forgiveness of sins and peace with God. Jesus, by being God's Lamb, became the actual manifestation of God's Mercy. Praise the Lord that forgiveness and cleansing are available today because of God's Mercy. (Alxamdulilah!)

In April, we worked with a film team from Australia to develop a film for the Wolof which teaches this same message. Pray for the team that they will be able to take the footage that was shot, and put it all together that the message may be clearly known among the Wolof.

Also, share this message of God's Mercy with your friends. All mankind needs to hear how they can find peace with God through God's Lamb.

Declaring His Glory,




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