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The Wolof of Senegal- Whose Responsibility Are They?

Mustapha was working his farm and had a series of accidents. Realizing that the spirits must be angry, he went to his marabout (Islamic spiritual leader) with a chicken as a gift to obtain an amulet. He hoped that wearing this amulet would provide protection from evil spirits. On this amulet were words written from the Quran in Arabic, and he was instructed to wear it around his neck at all times.

Like many Wolof people Mustapha is in bondage to the Prince of Darkness. His life is ruled by the fear of spirits and evil eye, and of bondage to ritual practices and fatalism. Who will be responsible to take the message of Light into Moustapha's world of darkness?

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Who Are The Wolof?

  • Of the 3 million Wolof, 2.8million are living in the country of Senegal, West Africa. As many as 15,000 are living in New York City.
  • The majority of Wolof make their living as peanut farmers or merchants.
  • The Wolof live in a harsh, desert environment in which only 35% have access to safe drinking water.
  • The Wolof value and practice teranga (hospitality) and enjoy playing the role of host.
  • The favorite meal of many Wolof is ceebu jen (rice and fish).

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What Do Wolof Believe?

At least 95% of the Wolof people call themselves Muslim. This means that they practice the "5 Pillars of Islam:"

  • Confess that God is One and Mohammed is His prophet.
  • Give a "tithe" from their income.
  • Pray toward the city of Mecca five times each day.
  • Give alms to the poor.
  • Make the holy journey to Mecca at least once in one's lifetime.

Islamic practices demonstrate the thinking of the Wolof, but their heart is reflected in traditional beliefs such as:

  • Always throw to the ground a little food or drink that you are consuming to protect yourself from the evil eye and the spirits.
  • Always be careful of what you say because Islamic leaders can hear you even if they are not anywhere near.
  • It is dangerous to remain outdoors on Monday and Friday nights as these are nights when souls and spirits roam about.

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What Do The Wolof Need?

  • There are only 40 known believers among the Wolof. They need Christians who will live among them and share the Gospel.
  • They need a group of prayer warriors or churches who will pray earnestly until churches are planted.
  • They need an advocate who will help to organize an electronic prayer network.
  • They need churches or small groups to adopt them as their Unreached People Group.
  • They need sponsors for evangelistic ministries.

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What Is Adoption?

Adopting an unreached people group is more than occasional prayer for people in a faraway place. Adoption is involvement by the local church in ministry to the Wolof. Adoption could include:

  • Praying for the Wolof people in public worship as well as private devotion.
  • Taking a prayer journey to pray on site in Senegal for the Wolof.
  • Involving members of the congregation in short-term ministry to the Wolof.
  • Encouraging church members to consider long-term service among the Wolof.
  • Understanding the Wolof people to be your primary focus in world evangelization.
  • Giving of financial resources.

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Is God Calling You To Be Responsible?

If your church or agency is interested in adopting

the Wolof, send for more information:

Tim and Julie Cline

Societie International

B.P. 8417-Yoff

Dakar, Senegal


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