Musaa - Advocate for the Wolof People Group of West Africa




Since early childhood, I was taught the truth of God as revealed in the Bible. My parents are dedicated followers of Jesus, and helped to teach me his ways. However, I did not begin to follow Jesus until I was 24 years old. I was attending a small church in rural Florida when God began to reveal to me the fact that I had never really turned from my dedication to being the god of my own life. He made it clear that I must change my mind about who has the right to be God, and that I should trust on Jesus as the new Lord and Savior of my life. I gladly accepted this revelation from Him, and have been seeking to know Him more deeply ever since that fateful encounter with Him.

My present mission is to be a leader in evangelism among the Wolof people. My immediate goals are:

  1. To personally share the Good News with the Wolof people
  2. To develop a comprehensive strategy that will help catalyze a people group movement among the Wolof
  3. To mobilize necessary human and financial resources in order to accomplish the task


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