Wolof Pictures Page

Here are some scenes from the Wolof lifestyle. Click on the picture to enlarge.

This is a Muslim man's hand as he is saying his prayers using his prayer beads. The beads are called "kurus" (koo-roos) in Wolof.

This is a Wolof man who lives in one of the villages. He is yet to understand and believe the Good News. Pray that he will.

This is a picture of Wolof Muslims saying their prayers at the mosque. As you know, Muslims should say these prayers 5 times per day. On Fridays, they are required to gather together at the mosque and pray together.

This is one of the largest mosques in Africa. The place is called Touba. Every year, as many as 1 million Senegalese travel to this mosque as their holy pilgrimage. Many of them are Wolof.

This is a young man reading the Quran, the Holy Book of Islam.

Here is a nice picture of Musaa

Thanks to J.Henderson for capturing these personal images of the Wolof people group!

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