Mike and Doris Freeman         Doris and Mike have served as missionaries of the International Mission Board to Argentina for 11 years.  They have a daughter, Elizabeth (Beth Ann), who is 4 years old.  Doris and Mike are from Houston, Texas.  For the last 4 years they have been working with the Baptist churches in the province of Misiones, and living in Posadas, the capital city of Misiones.   Mike has been teaching at the Baptist Theological Institute of Misiones (ITBM) and is director of the Leadership Training Program by Extension of the Institute.   His responsibilities with the Extension program have included traveling to various parts of the beautiful provinces of Misiones and Corrientes to meet with groups involved in study.

    Doris ministers through our home to her family and to her friends and neighbors.  She has many opportunities for witness through the relationships she has built in our neighborhood, and for discipleship of new believers.   When she has time, she enjoys cross stitch and playing the piano.

        Mike's favorite past times are tinkering with the computer, playing paddle tennis,Beth Ann.jpg (10231 bytes) and watching baseball and football games when he can get them in.  He has a small collection of eagle figurines and pictures of eagles.   "They remind me of some of the passages in the Bible that speak of God's love and His might, and His care for His people such as those in Exodus 19:4 and Isaiah 40:31."

    Beth Ann enjoys watching videos (especially Barney), "helping" with the housework, reading books, and playing with her stuffed animals.  She also enjoys listening to music.

Upon returning to Argentina from furlough, Mike, Doris, and Beth Ann will be moving to the city of Santa Fe in Santa Fe Province to form part of the Santa Fe-Entre Ríos Church Planting Team.  Our responsibilities will be much the same as they have been in Misiones as we join the team in helping to cultivate a church planting movement among the Argentines living in rural areas of Santa Fe and Entre Ríos.