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Only $9.95 per month


What Is NetFax?

TownBeacon's NetFax is your personal Fax number.

When a fax is sent to your NetFax number, the NetFax system stores it as an image. At the conclusion of the fax transmission, the image file is delivered to your email  address as an attachment.

Advantages Of NetFax

  • Privacy. Faxes are as private as email.
  • Remote Access. Get your faxes when you're away from the office just by checking your email.
  • Stop paying dedicated fax line fees.
  • Eliminate awkward fax/voice switching gear.  No more leaving your computer on all day and night.
  • Environmentally Friendly. Saves paper. You only print faxes that you want to.
  • Lost or Damaged Faxes can be reprinted.
  • Routing. Messages go directly to the intended recipient.  No more unproductive time checking the fax machine.  No more missing faxes that were picked up by someone else.